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Soaked Spelt Tortillas / Crackers

This recipe includes the soaking process, so whether you are able to buy spelt flour, or freshly grind your own, the phytic acid will be neutralized and the nutrients released to make an easily-digested, nourishing grain product.

2 c. Spelt flour 1 tsp. Celtic salt 1/2 c. Water 1/4 c. Coconut oil (liquid) 2-4 tsp. Whey

Place spelt flour in a small mixing bowl.

Mix the remaining ingredients together in a measuring cup, then add to dry mix.

Combine well, form into a ball, and knead until smooth.

Add more water or flour for desired consistency.

Cover bowl with lid or plastic wrap and allow to stand 7 hours, or overnight at room temperature.

Lightly knead your soaked dough in the bowl, and pinch off golf-ball size pieces to roll out into 5-7 inch tortillas.

Cook tortillas on hot, dry griddle, flipping once and ensuring both sides are flecked with brown.

Want to make some healthy crackers?

Same recipe, same cooking process. Just place tortillas in a dehydrator or very slow oven until crisp. For flavoring, spray or drizzle each with a traditional oil, and shake on your favorite herb mix (think Foodwifery SOS Seasoning, or Jamie's Doritos Seasoning). When dry, break up into smaller sections and store in airtight container. This sure beats a saltine for flavor AND nourishment!

(This recipe was originally placed in the Grains, Nuts, & Legumes - Soaking Spelt class.)


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