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Sorbet, Foodwifery Style

Sorbet can be made with 1, 2, or 3 ingredients.

The BEST is with just one: perfectly ripe, juicy, local fruit.

Place 4 cups of this ripe/overripe fruit and buzz (blend) in your blender until pureed. Freeze this puree in quart size freezer bags. Place on a flat space in your freezer for better storage.

When you want to serve it as sorbet, thaw the frozen bag slightly and then re-buzz it in the blender using a plunger or spatula to make sure you are able to puree it all.

Serve. Yes, that’s it.

And serving it in especially unique glasses or bowls enhances the whole fruity experience. It makes for a dessert that, combined with the phenomenal flavor, is one your family will never forget.

Don’t have perfectly ripe fruit? Don’t worry: you just need a few other ingredients.

GOOD and BETTER sorbet is made with fruit that is good…but perhaps not at the very peak of ripeness.

To make this sorbet taste wonderful, you follow the exact same instructions — and then you add a sweetener and/or a brightener.

Sweetener: you can use any natural sweetener — but I find that maple syrup produces a lovely sorbet texture and works the best for my family. My preferred ratio is 4 cups of fruit to 1 cup of sweetener. (Please note that, depending on the fruit, this can produce a very sweet sorbet! Start with a small amount and adjust to your tastes.)

Brightener: squeezed/juiced citrus serves as a flavor ‘brightener’ if the fruit is less than ripe. In this video, I use about a tablespoon of lemon juice. You may also use orange or lime juice, depending on the fruit in your sorbet.

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