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You Are What You Eat

Our Foodwifery scale of GOOD-BETTER-BEST applies to sorbet as well as to all traditional foods.

If you cannot obtain organic fruit at its peak of ripeness for the BEST nutrition and flavor—-not to fear. GOOD sorbet and BETTER sorbet is still available to you.

GOOD sorbet can be achieved with organic, store bought fruit; it merely needs another ingredient or two to improve its flavor. BETTER sorbet is organic, locally-grown fruit as available, with maybe a touch of sweetener to make up for the lack of perfect ripeness.

Sorbets became our family favorite dessert following the gifting of bushels of over-ripe peaches years ago. Now that I know the secret of this one-ingredient wonder, I keep my eyes peeled for over and/or dead ripe fruits of all varieties.

Then, when I have the blessing of perfect sorbet fruit, I freeze all that I can get my hands on because I never know when another opportunity like this will arrive.

If you end up with more puree than you’d anticipated, that’s okay! Frozen sorbet is amazingly versatile: it easily adapts to Popsicles, fruity tea, berry sauce for desserts (think ice cream and crepes), and syrup for pancakes.

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