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Why is Everyone So Sick?

Why is everyone so sick?

We believe that much of our poor health comes from our poor diets and poor foods.

Processed and fake foods contain toxins, additives, and chemicals that make us sick. Much of these foods served in restaurants and sold in grocery stores can be making us sick.

Beyond that, we’ve learned that without peace, digestion isn’t possible. We’ve almost lost the art and wisdom of how to serve and eat at a peaceful, nourishing table.

Why isn’t it being turned around?

People know they need to change their diets. So why isn’t it happening?

They wonder: Where do I start? How will it taste? What foods do I buy? Who can help me? How do I serve a meal?

It’s an overwhelming task because fixing our diets means we have to first fix our kitchens.

At Foodwifery, we’ve been there, and we can help you nurture the art of a healing table.

When you finish this class, and follow our step-by-step teaching here, you will have a clear plan for a peaceful transformation of your kitchen and your diet.

It’s our hope that this map will guide you in your journey to transform your table.

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