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Introducing: The Kitchen Magnet

Many years ago when I purposed to protect my family from the typical, modern diet and to keep my kids healthy, I had one burning question: What the heck do I feed them?

I was overwhelmed by the truth of the dangers of processed foods and couldn’t remember what I should and should not eat.

What am I to feed my kids?

So I made a list.

A list of real, nutrient-dense, traditional foods—–that I COULD feed my kids.

Click to on the picture to download your own Kitchen Magnet

You see, the wisdom of history has proven that these foods are what has truly nourished us since the beginning of time.

Whenever I went to prepare food, I’d see a reminder over and over again of what I needed to feed my children.

It worked! Little by little, my table transformed.

And when I made this list into a magnet for other friends, it did it’s job for them, too. Why?

Because it made things SIMPLE.

It wasn’t about a collection of recipes, or fancy gadgets, or calorie and protein counting.

It worked because it gradually CHANGED MY KITCHEN, building on the principle that what is in my fridge is what gets eaten.

The kitchen magnet is a litmus test. If a food crosses your kitchen that is NOT on the magnet, don’t serve it. Don’t let your kids eat toxic, fake foods!

Instead, let this list be a positive reminder of the nourishing foods you CAN serve.

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