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The List of Life-Giving Foods

We want to show you now HOW this Kitchen Magnet can work in your kitchen.

At Foodwifery, we encourage you to always work SIMPLY, but to be DELIBERATE and PURPOSEFUL in your efforts.

So let’s get started.

Here’s the list of foods from my Kitchen Magnet. Find your Magnet or take a minute to read through this list here. Some terms you might know, others you may not. That’s okay. We’re going to go through them together briefly.

Broth – An age-old method of transferring nutrients and minerals of meat, bones, and/or veggies into water via a slow, simmering boil.

Raw Milk & Cultured Dairy – An easily-digestible form of protein with a high content of minerals, probiotics, and enzymes.

Good Fats – Natural fats that provide energy and satiation to the diet. Include: butter, lard, animal fats, coconut and olive oils. Bottled, grocery store oils are made in factories, and compromise human health.

Fermented Vegetables – Vegetables preserved in a historically proven process using water, salt, and/or whey. Ex: sauerkraut. They are high in probiotics and enzymes to support healthy gut bacteria.

Soaked Grains, Nuts, & Legumes – Unless each of these foods are FIRST soaked in water in their preparation, they are difficult to digest, stress the system, and block absorption of precious minerals.

Sourdough Bread – This is a form of Soaked Grain, and should replace any and every kind of commercial grain products.

Organic Meats and Eggs - There’s the old adage of “You are what you eat.” But we emphasize that, “You are what what-you-eat eats.” So we encourage pasture-grazed animals raised with exercise and sunshine to supply your meat and eggs.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – The best you can do is fresh, ripe in-season, sourced from organic, nutrient-dense soils. Sourcing locally is best.

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