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Part 1: Broth, Dairy, Fats, Fizzy Foods

To help you get a better idea of what you can serve with these foods, we’ve included a 3 page “How to Build a Pantry” chart that you can download by clicking the photo below:

Use this chart to come up with your own ideas on what to have on hand and serve your family.

Now, we’ll walk you through how we each use the kitchen magnet as inspiration to serve delicious, nutritious meals.

What can I make with…

Broth: Soups, gravies, rice… What else?

Raw Milk: Milk & yogurt smoothies, butter on steamed veggies, cream cheese, ice cream

Good Fats: Saute veggies, meats, eggs, baked goods, sauces & gravies

Fermented Vegetables: Sauerkraut, fizzy drinks

What else could you make to serve your family?

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