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How to Build Full Meals—Blooming Where You’re Planted

How to Build a Meal

We start with a soup: we use broth as our base. We add in some milk, sour cream, cheese or butter. We can then drop some whisked eggs into the simmering broth to make egg drop soup. Add a pinch of your favorite seasonings.

Now, we cut up a hunk of sourdough bread and slather butter over the top of it.

Next, we serve a few teaspoons of sauerkraut to aid digestion.

For the end of the meal, some crispy nuts and an apple or an orange for something sweet.

In the spring, we’ll make a wilted salad. We fry up bacon, add some vinegar to the grease, then add in the lettuce. We boil some eggs, chop those up, and then sprinkle that over the top of the greens. Toss that around in the pan. You have a wilted salad. Add a piece of sourdough bread with butter, some nuts and fruit on the side, and there you have it!

We love breakfasts. During the weekdays, we have soaked oatmeal and granola. On the weekends we like to make something bigger.

So, we start with French Toast. We slice up our sourdough bread and make a batter of eggs and raw milk for the bread to soak in. Then, we cook it in a cast iron skillet and serve it with lots of butter and some maple syrup.

Plus, we’ll fry up some pork or beef bacon — a very welcome addition.

And, we serve it all with a big glass of ice cold raw milk.

It’s a breakfast that leaves my family full and satisfied.

The key is to start right where you’re at, with whatever you’ve got, and keep it simple.

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