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Real Milk Yogurt

Once your raw milk has been sitting still for several hours, the cream will rise to the top. Separate the cream from the skim milk by ladling it into a small mason jar. Reserve the cream for making butter, or to add to other dishes.

To make raw yogurt, pour some skim milk into a quart mason jar. Add 1 cup of yogurt starter from your last batch of yogurt. If you have to, use yogurt from the grocery store. Make sure it’s plain, without flavor or sugar.

Mix the starter and skim milk for at least 2 minutes. This will break up the starter and integrate it into your milk.

Then, top off your yogurt jar with more skim milk and stir for another minute or so.

Place the yogurt in a warm place. A warm place for me is on the top of my propane oven. You can put it in a cooler with hot water, put it on the top of your refrigerator, or place it in a warm windowsill.

When you see the yogurt has thickened, you know that it’s done. I’ve let my yogurt sit out as long as 24 hours, letting it culture.

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