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Real Chocolate Milk and Homemade Ice Cream

Chocolate Milk

Though the methods may be different, the ingredients are the same. The goal is to mix cocoa powder, eggs, vanilla, and milk with honey or maple syrup to your desired sweetness.

Here’s 2 easy ways we like to do it:

Laurie’s Chocolate Milk

Jamie’s Chocolate Milk

Please note: We encourage you to explore the possible use of chocolate extract and carob powder to substitute for cocoa in this, and all, chocolate recipes. Cocoa is known to overstimulate opiate receptors in the brain. (You are also encouraged to do the research yourself on this subject.)

Ice Cream

If you’ve got some cream from raw milk, and some fresh berries — we’re in business. Here’s how to make strawberry ice cream:

Laurie’s Strawberry Ice Cream

Jamie’s Strawberry Ice Cream

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