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Pudding Ideas...

If this is your first time making pudding, great! We encourage you to give yourself some time to learn the process — and to take your time moving through each step.

Once you’ve made it a few times, you will become more efficient.

If you mess up — that’s okay! We’re giving you permission to mess up. If your pudding is cooked too thick, you have a custard or pie filling. If it’s too thin, you have a nice nog, a base for smoothies or milk shakes, or a wonderful sauce to pour over fresh berries.

Feel free to mix flavors by serving them in different layers. Or, add crispy nuts or fresh or dried fruit to the top. Mix some chocolate pudding in with leftover oatmeal for breakfast.

Or — as Jamie LOVES to do — add whipped cream to the top.

Start with the basic pudding recipe, then get creative. Make this pudding your own.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Happy Pudding, Y’all!

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