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Beef Fats, Chicken Fats, and Bacon Grease

In the spirit of the categories, GOOD/BETTER/BEST, there is none BETTER than what you make in your own kitchen.

You produce chicken and beef fat as a by-product of making bone broth. (That was convenient!)

It’s the best you can do!

Now purpose to use those fats in things like meat, eggs, and veggie sautees, gravies, sauces, and even popcorn.

Bacon grease is a freebie after your grass-fed, organic bacon has been fried. Simply collect and keep in a glass jar, handy to your stove for adding to meat and soup dishes, or for sauces and gravies.

TERRIBLE: Grease from bacon processed with nitrates.

GOOD: Super market nitrate-free bacon

BETTER: Organic, nitrate-free bacon

BEST: Local, naturally-raised, nitrate-free pastured pork bacon.

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