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All About Lard

Lard, rendered from pork, has not been a staple in the American diet for several generations. and virtually forgotten by most. You can enjoy lard for simmering or stir frying vegetables and meats. Lard can take higher heat than butter so you can sauté food in lard, and save butter for it’s flavorful use on the top. It also is a good fat when roasting meat. Perfect for popping corn in a heavy bottom pan. Lard is a must for award-winning flaky pie crusts.

TERRIBLE: Avoid buying super market lard (if they even carry it) because it’s hydrogenated.

GOOD: Butcher Shop-rendered

BETTER: Butcher Shop-rendered where you know the producer.

BEST: Rendered from locally-produced, pastured pork where you sourced it.

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