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Introduction to Eggs

There are so many great reasons to eat eggs — though, egg-shamers will tell you different. In the 70’s and 80’s the egg was demonized because of cholesterol and the fear that eating eggs would lead to heart disease.

We know now that this is not true. In fact, real eggs are loaded with lots of great nutrition, and are an excellent source of protein.

While organic eggs can cost from $3-5 a dozen, that’s relatively inexpensive when you realize that for less than $5 you can have a nutritional, satiating breakfast for the entire family.

When talking good, better, best — a good source of eggs would be organic eggs from your local grocery store.

A better source would be local, organic eggs from a farmer you trust.

The best would be local, organic, pastured, chickens not fed any GMO soy or grain, that get plenty of sunshine.

NOTE: Traditional societies consumed raw eggs. When considering raw egg yolks for your diet, you are encouraged to consume only those from the ‘better’ and ‘best’ categories, which have not been cracked or broken. For further clarification, please visit

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