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Easy-Peasy Egg Dishes
Eggs Plus 1 Ingredient…

What if you only have eggs PLUS ONE INGREDIENT?

Egg Drop Soup, Poached Eggs

Egg Nog, Shakes, Smoothies, Ice Cream, Egg Salad (with yogurt or sour cream)

Egg Salad (with Mayonaise), Deviled eggs

Scrambled Eggs and Fizzy Veggies, Saurkraut, Kimchi, or Salsa; Egg yolks buzzed with Fizzy Drinks (grape, lemon)

Re-Fried Beans in Omelet, Raw Eggs Mixed With Porridge, Simple Pancakes, Cooked Eggs Over Grains (quinoa)

Egg Sandwich, French Toast, Dippy Eggs, Buttered Toast with Eggs (jelly, cheese, cream cheese)

Bacon, Sausage (beef, pork, turkey), Ham

Crustless Quiche, Omelet, Eggs With Veggie On Side – seasonal (asparagus, dill and chives), Sauteed Veggies With Eggs, Stir fried veggies with eggs in it, Banana Pancakes


An omelet is a blank slate, an easy way to incorporate meat, seasonal vegetables or herbs, or cheese into your meal.

To start, grease a hot pan with a good fat. Whisk your eggs in a separate bowl, and pour into your pan.

This is your foundation. At this point, feel free to add whatever you’d like.

Use whatever you have that’s in season. In our example, we use chives and dill. You could also add onions, or peppers, or cooked sausage. Be creative.

Let cook until it firms on the bottom. Using a metal spatula or wooden spoon, fold the egg over onto itself and let it cook for 30 seconds to a minute.

When the inside is cooked, transfer to a plate and let sit for a minute or two to let it continue cooking.

Banana Pancakes

For banana pancakes, mash a banana with 2 eggs in a bowl until well incorporated. Add a pinch of salt, if desired.

Grease a hot pan with a traditional fat, and pour the mixture into the pan.

Allow the pancake to cook until the bottom is slightly browned, then flip over and let cook for an additional 30 to 45 seconds.

Remove from pan to a plate and let cook. Serve with lots of butter and maple syrup, or fresh fruit and whipped cream.

French Toast

To make 3 slices of french toast, crack 3 eggs into a bowl and whisk. Add a little water to make it a little more runny.

Soak your sourdough bread slices in the egg mixture for 1 to 10 minutes — the longer you soak, the more dense the french toast.

Grease your pan with a traditional fat, and place the pieces of sourdough bread on the pan. Add cinnamon to the tops of the bread.

Let cook until the bottoms are golden brown, and flip. Let cook for another 30 seconds to a minute, and remove to plate.

Serve with butter and maple syrup, yogurt, applesauce, or fresh fruit.

Egg Salad

If all you have are eggs and a dairy food (sour cream, yogurt, mayonnaise—-or a combo of any of these), you can make egg salad. It’s a ‘blank slate’ that you can dress up however your family loves.


  • One dozen eggs, best quality you can find

  • Yogurt, sour cream, and/or mayonnaise

  • Suggested variations and additions: salt, pepper, garlic, seasoning of choice, chopped onions, mustard, sunflower seeds, soaked nuts, chopped fizzy or fresh vegetables, maple syrup (just a drizzle), chopped fried bacon or ham, splash of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.


Place eggs, covered with cold water in a pot.

Allow 8 minutes for eggs to cook from the time the water begins to boil. Keep it at a gentle boil.

Remove pot from stove and allow to sit for 15 minutes before draining water.

Remove shells from eggs when cool enough to handle.

Chop eggs, place in bowl, and stir in dairy-based dressing of choice.

Add variations of choice listed in INGREDIENTS section above, if desired.

This keeps well in refrigerator stored in a glass container. The use of yogurt greatly increases its storage time in refrigerator because of the high percentage content of whey (which is a natural preservative).

WHEN TO EAT EGG SALAD: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, mobile table, snack.

HOW TO EAT EGG SALAD: On top of a green salad, wrapped in a sourdough tortilla, as a sandwich on sourdough bread, as a topping or side dish to seasonal vegetables, or all by itself.

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