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The Finishing Touches
Final Comments About Your Chicken

Now that you’ve cut up your chicken, you have so many menu options, plus the assurance of a quality meat product for your healing table.

Quick Tips to Learn Quickly

This truly was the first time that I'd cut up a chicken, and Jamie's instructions were so simple and easy to follow.

I suggest you watch ALL these videos through at least once. Then get TWO whole chickens. Brine or rinse them as per your regular preparation, and pat them dry.

Then, watch each video step and attempt the cuts with your first chicken.

When you've finished that, give yourself some time (1 to 5 to 24 hours?), and make another run at cutting up the second chicken.

There's something about making these two attempts in close time proximity that will help you shorten the learning curve for mastering this skill.

Jamie’s Six Minute Chick Flick

Watch in close-up detail as Jamie cuts up a chicken in less than six minutes, talking you through the process the entire time.

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