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Episode 4: The Mobile Nurturing Table

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There’s no doubt about it: we live in the age of convenience.

Here, where we live in heartland America, cars are lined up, dawn until dusk, to grab sandwiches, soft drinks, and tasteless fried “foods” from the nearest fast food restaurant.

When people travel, they eat at Burger King. They buy chips and doughnuts and Hershey’s candy bars from the gas station. That’s how it is.

But that’s not how it was. Not by a long shot.

Think about it: fast food and convenience foods, as such, are a 20th century invention. The first fast food restaurants started popping up around 1919 and, as time went on, became a force to behold. Soon, no one could remember what life was like without McDonald’s.

Trust us…there was life before McDonald’s. And that’s what this Kitchen Radio audio class is all about.

Today, we’re talking about The Mobile Nurturing Table.

Would you like to know…

How to feed spouses and other family members traditional foods on the go?
How to get your family off of fast food — happily?
How to thrill your kids with your travel food?
The three point system of a successful mobile nurturing table?
What “Little House on the Prairie” can teach us about eating on the go?
How your mobile table can wonderfully nurture your family’s spirits…not just their bodies?

Well, then…you’ve come to the right place! We talk about all of those things and more…and we crack open our coolers so you can see what’s on our mobile nurturing tables.

We sincerely hope this class will be a help as you nurture those dearest to you. Blessings on your path. We’re all in this together.


Laurie and Jamie

P.S. When Jamie starts talking about “the coffin,” don’t worry: it’s food-related! We promise.

The Mobile Nurturing Table - Foodwifery
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When you’re finished, click on the picture below to download and print out out the 

Little House on the Prairie Mobile Meal Planner.

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