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Kitchen Radio

Episode 1: How To Love Your Kitchen


Foodwifery Kitchen Radio is an audio class, a time when we invite you to join us to talk in-depth about topics related to your healing table. It’s informative, yet casual. A time of help and a time of laughter.

And, because it’s an audio class, you can enjoy it whenever and wherever you like. Listen as you wash dishes, go for a walk, or fold laundry. Or host a Kitchen Radio party: invite a friend over to listen and discuss with you! The possibilities are endless.

In this, the first Kitchen Radio class, we talk about the kitchens we have known and offer some practical tips to working in and loving the kitchen you have.

And, in contrast to the images of pristine kitchens offered by glossy home magazines, we offer another way to look at your kitchen — a way rooted in contentment and the knowledge of what kitchens are truly meant to be.

We invite you to listen and let us know what you think! And then join the discussion on our Foodwifery Members Community. Post a picture of your kitchen. We’re all learning together and can benefit from each other’s struggles and successes.

Inspired to take another look at your kitchen after listening? Below, as a resource, we have provided a printable guide to a Foodwifery Kitchen Makeover. Combined with a pen, some thought, and a little bit of work, we hope it will help you see your kitchen in new light.

How to Love Your Kitchen - Foodwifery
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“Just because [a kitchen is] beautiful doesn’t mean it’s functional. Beauty is not going to feed my children.” – Laurie

“Your curtains may not match your rug. But you’re putting out beautiful sourdough. That’s what matters.” – Jamie

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