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A Final Word...

The 2-Page Grains, Nuts, and Legumes Guide

Need a handy guide to see how many hours you should soak your nuts?

Want to soak your oatmeal and spelt grains just like we do?

We've prepared a quick-guide for you to use as you tackle the process of soaking and sprouting to prepare your grains, nuts, and beans.

Download and print your two-page Grains, Nuts, and Legumes guide here: Grains, Nuts & Legumes

5 Delicious Gluten Free Oats Recipes for Breakfast on a Budget

Quick Cheery Oats Recipes Made From Real Food

Through the years, I have consistently found that the purchase of rolled oats is the most economical way to do breakfasts—especially with a table full of children.

I buy them in bulk, whether 10-, 25-, or 50-lb bags; and either store them: as is, in my garage (winter), or in sealed plastic bags (summer) after opening the original sack.

Of course, organically-grown is best, but if funds prohibit, then conventionally-grown will do.

Be sure to focus on the major of rolled oats: the soaking and traditional preparation to ensure digestability and full nutrient absorption.

Each one is a main-stay in my home, and often crosses the line of when it gets eaten; that is, we‘re known to eat these meals for lunch or dinner, as well.

And, major mutiny threatens when we‘re low on Soaked Granola-----it‘s just that delicious and satisfying!

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