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Episode 8: Protecting Your Healing Table During The Holidays

Protecting Your Healing Table During the Holidays - Foodwifery
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Dear Foodwifery Friends,

Bear with us: this Kitchen Radio episode is a bit unusual.

Normally on Kitchen Radio, we discuss a topic related to building a healing table. How to make your table work, what to put on your table, how to put food on your table, how to expand on your table. You know what we mean. Basically, we talk about making, building, and doing.


This one is a bit different. In this episode, we are talking about guarding — namely, how to protect your healing table during holidays.

Why do we need to talk about this?

Well, where we both live, everyone is starting to eye Christmas and Thanksgiving. (They aren’t the only holidays celebrated here, but they’re the big ones for us.) And, of course, along with both of those holidays comes a great deal of celebrating! Eating, merriment, fun, parties!

This is, of course, usually a wonderful thing, but it comes with a downside: in this country, holiday partying of any kind usually comes with large amounts of sugary, processed, and generally not-very-healing food. And it’s really hard to avoid it, especially when everyone you love seems to want to shove it down your kids’ throats.


Little Debbie’s Christmas Tree “cakes,” Jello pudding with Reese’s cups, Great Grandma’s (commercial) green bean surprise in (commercial) cream of mushroom soup…

What to do? What to tell your family? How to keep your kids healthy and content during Christmas, Thanksgiving, family birthdays, and beyond?

We address all these questions and more in this episode.

After you listen, please share some of your strategies for protecting your table on personal and public holidays! We’re still learning, and we’re all in this together.



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