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Budgeting Foodwifery Style

Here’s something kind of shocking: Laurie adamantly states that she does not budget for food. And by accounting standards, she doesn’t.

There are no gridded tiny boxes filled in with dollar numbers, no pencils, no calculator, and no tears.

She doesn’t have a strict budget — what she and I both have is a mindset. It’s a way of thinking about food: how to buy it, how to stock it, and how to consume it. This is a way of thinking that we came to after years of trial and error in our own kitchens — a way of thinking that just makes sense for traditional food.

Because it’s based on the foundation of our Kitchen Magnet, we call it the Kitchen Magnet Mindset. And this mindset will work for your traditional kitchen.

Here’s what the Kitchen Magnet Mindset will do for you:

  1. It will prioritize what kinds of food will and will NOT be purchased, prepared, and served. No more confusion.

  2. It will serve as your grocery list, meal planner, and the litmus test for what makes it to your table for your loved ones to eat and enjoy.

  3. It comes complete with its own ever-present reminder, because it’s strategically placed on your refrigerator.


Once this mindset is in place (as launched by your own decision to transform your table), you then purpose to nourish the family with the best foods you can find; to bloom where you are planted.

For example, let’s start with the first item on the magnet list: broth.

One potential roadblock: organic, grass-fed meat is more expensive. (Yes, it sure is, but it is also nutritionally worth every penny; because we teach how to get value, added value, and more added value out of all your local foods.)

Let’s look at ways around that high cost factor. You can choose another, cheaper, more available meat; barter with a meat producer; shop around for a better price; raise your own meat, use more carbs and less meat; or learn how to stretch the given value of the meat you can afford.

That’s six different options to ensure that your family gets this food — even on a budget. That’s the Magnet Mindset: using your innate creativity and a set of tools (that we’re going to teach you) to put healing food on your table simply, peacefully, and within budget.

(Notice how OMITTING quality meat and protein is not an option. Our bodies need it, so purpose to make this work for you. It’ll happen.)

So, let’s talk about what’s in this class. Broadly speaking, there are two main sections.

The first is a kitchen tour, yes, an actual tour of my kitchen and pantry. As you watch the videos, I’ll take you through my real work spaces and explain how I plan for, buy, store, and prepare my family’s food — all according to the Kitchen Magnet.

And then, since everyone’s kitchen is different, I’ll sit down with Laurie and we’ll explain the component parts of how we think about this whole process, giving you clear ideas and guidelines so that you can find a method that works for you in your kitchen.

If that sounds like a lot of really good stuff, trust us…it is. This class was a long time in the making.

The good thing is this: since this class is online, you get to listen to the advice in these videos over and over again. You get to take notes, watch, watch again, adapt, watch again. Please do so: repetition is the key to mastery.

As you dive into this class, remember that you determine what goes into your home and body. You determine what your child eats. You determine where and when you purchase and consume foods. This is your baby! The grocery stores, sales, and promotions from food companies do not have your well-being in mind.

We all spend money on food. Get the Magnet Mindset. Make the different choices that permeate all Foodwifery classes—they will result in both vibrant health and an efficient budget!

Be purposeful. Make those decisions. Bloom where you’re planted. We’re alongside to help.

Let’s dig in!

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