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Introduction to Bone Broth

When you craft a healing table, bone broth is where you start!

There are three important things to remember about this cross-cultural, traditional food:


1. It's foundational

It's truly a health food: a HEALER and a NOURISHER at the same time. This is key if you are transitioning your diet away from fake, toxic foods, to real foods that heal the body.

Your digestive system needs the gelatin, the calcium-magnesium-potassium nutrients, the electrolytes that are present ---- all in an easily-assimilated form. So, bone broth has specific healing properties, pure mineral-density, and it's easily absorbed... THAT'S foundational!

As bone broth begins to heal, your body is better able to absorb critical vitamins, minerals, and enzymes of other real foods. It's a process that truly economizes your healing table, nutrient- and dollar-wise. All at the same time. Like a synergistic symphony!

2. Eat it every day

Do yourself and your family a favor and get into this mindset: “Everyday I'll find a way to consume bone broth.” Start right where you are. Think of it in terms of committing for just a few days. Then a week or two; then a few months.

After that, the health effects will become so obvious, that you'll understand the wisdom of making it a lifetime food habit. There is a multitude of delicious, and easy ways to incorporate bone broth so this is a hill you can climb!

3. Prepare it on your schedule

Start right where you are. Humans have been making bone broth for centuries. It isn't rocket science. Broth has wide parameters of time, temperature and method, so you can adapt it to fit your kitchen, and your cooking, working, and waking times.

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