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A Word on Enzymes…

When you read or hear anything about lactic acid foods or drinks, usually the conversation turns to the enzymes. What is the big deal about enzymes?

Digestive enzymes help us to break down our food so that we can absorb the nutrition. And, science is confirming that we only have a limited supply.

So what happens if your limited supply comes up dry at 30? We’re talking problems. You’re in trouble.

Because you are not what you eat. I don’t care how perfect of a diet you have. You are not what you eat.

You are what you absorb.

And so enzymes are key in this.

So, if you can add to your diet things that are going to aid your digestion, then you get to hang on to some of those enzymes a little bit longer and that’s critical mass, especially when you are our age. When you are going on the after-50 side, it’s very important that you add something to your diet that is going to benefit your digestion.

Because you’re not getting anything if you’re not breaking it down.

Fizzy foods provide these enzymes and probiotics that help you break down your food so that your body can absorb the nutrition.

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